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General Terms and Conditions of Use of this web site

The HotelMaria-CT.ro web site is a service delivered as is, by Hotel Maria in Constanta, Romania

www.hotelmaria-ct.ro is a presentation website, with whom, the hotel presents its services and offers.
Accessing this web site, you agree to the terms and conditions of use presented in this document.
Distributing, reproducing, copying, retransmitting, publishing, selling, commercial use under any form, or any other type of transfer of any part of this web site, including but without limiting to it, all the content, services, digital products, events, account facilities are through the present statement, strictly prohibited.
Hotel Maria reserves the right to complete and/or modify this Terms & Conditions of Use with Additional Terms witch will be published to the corresponding service to witch the term applies . Through the present statement you agree to this Additional Terms and to the fact that they belong to the General Terms of Use and they oblige to the same rules.

To improve our services it is possible to pick some data regarding our users interest for some subjects/areas, witch help us to deliver even more relevant information. This data is strictly confidential an will not be transmitted to a third party or made public.

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